R4i DSi Flash Cards

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R4i DSi Flash Cards

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nds-roms.com download station

NDS-ROMS.com Download Station

nds-roms.com is not working

Nintendo DS roms free download from torrent list. NDS roms for R4 at MegaUpload. NDS roms RapidShare pokemon platinum news.


I was looking to download some nds roms for R4 when I found out that R4DS will not work on Nintendo DSi and that in order to play DS roms on the new DSi console I have to get a R4i SDHC or AceKard 2i or EZ-Flash Vi adapter. Putting an nds rom on to the microSD flash card is exactly the same as before, and nintendo DS roms have the same compatibility with the DSi flash cards, but the next shock came when I realized that the "i" cards despite their name will play only ndsroms games and not the DSiWare dsi specific titles. So it was down to downloading all my favorite DS rom list files when I discovered that #1 site on the Google for doing that - nds-roms.com is not working because owners were threatened by aussie IP rights lawyers! Now that would normally have no effect on a site that for years has been a leader in distributing nds roms but apparently this time the copyright people got really close and personal to the www.nds-roms.com stuff and scared them so much that they have decided to stop all illegal activity and take up ostrage farming instead of uploading nds games to rapidshare and megaupload file sharing sites. Now I was in a search for another good or lets say the next best nintendo DS rom site where:

  • nds roms are arranged in a nice clean list and can be searched
  • nds downloads are fast and free for unregistered / anonymous users
  • website has nds-roms.com somewhere in the name
  • owners know that rooms are not the name for download NDS games



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